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Processing ephemeris information for solving of photogrammetry

   Calculation of ephemeris obtained through archived data of SPICE (, using SPICE tool ( Toolbox is a set of software libraries to obtain the necessary data from space missions, such as elements of exterior orientation at the moment of image capture studied celestial bodies (to be specified in special text files that are stored along with the image)( In MExLab it was written in C ++ SPICE_For_Win convenient program for calculating spacecraft ephemeris information. Example of SPICE_For_Win working window is shown in Figure 1. Ephemeris and service information, as well as information about orientation, location and physical characteristics of scientific equipment, located on the spacecraft, archived by NAIF experts in SPICE data format. An example of the main page with links to current and completed missions is shown in Figure 2.

Рабочее окно программы SPICE_For_Win, для расчета эфемеридных данных для космических миссий. На данном изображении представлен пример расчета эфемерид на моменты фотографирования Фобоса космическим аппаратом MEX.

Fig. 1. The work window of SPICE_For_Win to calculate the ephemeris data for space missions. This image shows an example of ephemeris calculating on the moments of Phobos photographing by MEX spacecraft.

Главная страница с ссылками на на ftp - сервер заархивированные данные SPICE основных космических миссий, NASA, ЕКА.

Fig. 2. Home page with links to ftp - server of archived SPICE data (NASA, ESA).

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