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Joint processing of digital elevation models of the Moon and laser altimetry data

   Digital elevation models of the lunar surface plots obtained in the course of photogrammetric processing of high resolution images received by the two narrow angle cameras (Narrow Angle Camera Left and Right) of the spacecraft LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter). To control the obtained models, it is necessary to compare it with alternative data having spatial coordinates of the investigated surface, or with results obtained by other research teams. In particular of special interest for control and correction matrixes of heights, data represent the lunar laser altimeter LOLA. Figure 1 presents an example download LOLA RDR data. The subsequent figures show the control examples of a matrix of heights in data tracks LOLA in complex photogrammetric software PHOTOMOD®.

Пример загрузки RDR-данных по трекам LOLA, на территорию 75.06N, 74.06N, 356.82E, 358.30E, в формате *.csv.

Fig. 1. Example download RDR-data tracks LOLA, on the territory 75.06 N, 74.06 N, E 356.82, 358.30 E, in the file format *.csv

Небольшой участок матрицы высот на район Лунохода-1, представленный в PHOTOMOD®. Положение треков LOLA (обозначены темно-синими точечными объектами).

Fig. 2. A small section of the matrix of heights in the area of Lunokhod-1, is presented in PHOTOMOD® ( The position of the LOLA tracks (indicated by dark blue points).

Сравнение матрицы высот (с разрешением 1 метр) на участок Лунохода-1 с треками LOLA в PHOTOMOD®. Результаты представлены в таблице слева, где СКО = 3.25 метра.

Fig. 3. Comparison of the dem (resolution 1 meter) to the area of the Lunokhod 1 tracks LOLA in PHOTOMOD®. The results are presented in the table on the left, RMSE = 3.25 meters.

Представление участка лунной поверхности на район Лунохода-1 в 3-D окне PHOTOMOD®. Белая хаотичная полоса точек положение точек трека LOLA

Fig. 4. View footage of the lunar surface in the area of the Lunokhod-1 in the 3-D window PHOTOMOD®. Chaotic white stripe dots the position of the LOLA track points.

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