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Space geodesy and photogrammetry

    As part of the research in the field of space geodesy and photogrammetry of celestial bodies, the photogrammetric processing of images, the construction of digital elevation models of surface, the creation of orthophotos or ortomosaics, studied the gravitational field of small bodies, is carried.

The results of researches are used for mapping through geographic information systems, modeling and preparation of space missions, simulations of the gravitational field, the analysis of the solar system bodies' morphology and geology.

Photogrammetric processing technology is a technology of transformation and linking of satellite images to obtain three-dimensional measurable models.

Using satellite images and telemetry data, we produce correction of optical distortions and mutual snapping of pictures. On the basis of special processing of images, we create three-dimensional surface models of the measurable (digital elevation model), on which mutually attached corrected images are superimposed. The result is a measurable photographically accurate elevation model (orthophoto mosaics).

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