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New Phobos Atlas


New Phobos Atlas 


MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory (MExLab) created Phobos Atlas. This unique mapping edition was prepared for the first time and has no analogues in the world. The Phobos Atlas was created using data processing of remote sensing by different spacecrafts: "Mars Express, "Viking Orbiter" and "Phobos-2". At the Atlas presented results of scientific studies, obtained during the researches of small celestial body, rotating in the orbit of Mars. In addition to maps, the Phobos Atlas describes the methods and techniques developed by Russian researchers in the study of the Martian satellite.

Atlas can be used for planning future space programs, first of all, for new "Boomerang" spacecraft preparing a flight to the Phobos.

Atlas is dedicated to the memory L.M. Bugaevskiy and K.B. Shingareva, prominent scientists who worked in MIIGAiK, with whom the first Russian map and Globe Phobos were created.   



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