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MExLab Seminar: Recent Progresses on Lunar and Mars Mapping and Rover Localization


MIIGAiK Extraterrestrial Laboratory (MExLab)

The auditory № 155


At 10.30 will be held a scientific seminar on the theme:


"Recent Progresses on Lunar and Mars Mapping and Rover Localization"


Speaker: prof. Kaichang Di (Institute of Remote Sensing of the Earth, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Seminar leader: Jürgen Oberst (MExLab and DLR, TUB, Germany)


At the seminar will be presents studies and main results obtained by Chinese colleagues in the process of mapping of the Moon and Mars, and the latest methods of determining the location of automated research stations on the surface of planets. Grechishchev.


We invite everyone!

Participation of laboratories required.

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