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2017-03-11 2017 International Symposium on Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping
2016-11-09 New planetary maps
2016-11-09 Scientific conference and Cartographic exhibition in Russian State Library in frames of the International Map Year celebration in Russia!
2016-11-04 The Seventh Moscow Solar System Symposium (7M-S3)
2016-10-11 MExLab Seminar: New Velocity-Depth Profiles from Re-Evaluation of Apollo 17 Lunar Seismic Profiling Experiment
2016-06-06 Program of the Third MExLab Summer School
2016-06-06 The Third MExLab Summer School
2016-05-26 237 anniversary of MIIGAiK and the 2nd Shingareva's workshop
2016-05-18 The second Shingareva’s Readings
2016-03-21 New Phobos Atlas
2016-02-25 Roscosmos announced 2016 as "Yuri Gagarin Year"!
2016-02-10 MExLab Seminar: Is there life on Mars?
2016-01-20 MExLab Seminar: Recent Progresses on Lunar and Mars Mapping and Rover Localization
2015-11-20 Planetary Maps Exhibitions in the frame of the International Map Year 2015-2016
2015-11-13 MExLab Seminar: Algorithms for processing and analysis of hyperspectral remote sensing images of the Earth
2015-08-06 MExLab Seminar: The morphometric study on the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko / 67P according to the Rosetta mission
2015-02-17 MExLab Seminar: The main results of the study of fundamental geodetic parameters and topography of planets and satellites
2015-02-12 MExLab Seminar: Creating of virtual morphometric globes of terrestrial planets
2015-02-09 We've got a Twitter account!
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